Digital India Program


The employment in the Electronics industry is estimated to grow phenomenally. Hence to facilitate skill development in ESDM sector focusing on students/unemployed youth at 9-10th standard onwards, ITI, Diploma, Non-engineering graduates, etc. to increase their employability to work in ‘Manufacturing’ and ‘Service support’ functions, a ‘Scheme for Financial Assistance to select States/UTs for Skill Development in (ESDM) sector . The scheme provides for 75 % of training fee as assistance for training courses identified by Electronics Sector Skills Council, Telecom Sector Skills Council and NIELIT.

A total of 90,000 persons are to be supported under the scheme in the selected States in 5 levels of vocational skill development courses recognized by NIELIT/Electronic Sector Skill Council/Telecom Sector Skill Council. The scheme also provides for 100% fee reimbursement to 40% of the seats which would be reserved for the candidates belonging to SC/ST/Economically weaker sections. Further, Registration-cum-Certification fee per candidate (for the first attempt only) would also be reimbursed to assessing/certifying agencies.

Students studying at

  • IX/X standards onwards
  • ITIs
  • Polytechnics
  • Under Graduate (Non-Engineering)

Unemployed youth (indicative list)

  • School dropouts from 8th Pass onward.
  • ITI Certificate Holders
  • Diploma holders
  • Graduates(non-engineering)
  • Registrants in Employment Exchanges
  • Unemployed resources in the Non-formal Sector
Level Un-skilled
Master technician/ Trainer (L5)
Entry at VIIIth pass 10th pass 10th + ITI, 12th pass, Other graduates (non-Science) Diploma, BSc.
Course duration(to be fixed by NIELIT/SSC in line with NVEQF/ NSQF) 3 month
(~200-250 hrs)*
6 month
(~350 hrs.)*
6 month
(~350 hrs.)*
6 month
(~400 hrs.)*
* No. of hours are indicative as per requirements indicated in NVEQF
Target (No. of candidates) 82,000 82,000 1,14,800 49,200
Total 3,28,000 candidates
Sr.No Course Name Course Code Course Fees Reg. Fees Course Level Key Implementing Agency Industry Vertical Eligibility Sector Duration
1 Installation & Maintenance of Photocopiers and PrintersNL/S/L1/C0015000500L1-L2NIELITOffice Automation8th Pass/ITIService200
2 Assembly & Maintenance of PCsNL/S/L2/C0105000500L1-L2NIELITComputer HardwarePolytechnic, Diploma/ Graduation/ITI/12th/10thService240
3 Installation Repair & Maintenance of EPABX SystemNL/S/L2/C0115000500L1-L2NIELITTelecom Segment9th PassService200
4 DTH Set-top-box Installer and Service TechnicianNL/S/L2/C0265000500L1-L2NIELITCommunications Electronics8th PassService200
5 DAS (Digital Addressable System) Set-top-box Installer and Service TechnicianNL/S/L2/C0275000500L1-L2NIELITCommunications Electronics8th PassService200
6 Testing of Emergency Light & Solar LanternNL/S/L1/C0355000500L1-L2NIELITPhotovoltaic Segment Solar Panel8th Pass having Knowledge of Basic ScienceService200
7 Wireman-Control PaneNL/S/L2/C0365000500L1-L2NIELITIndustrial Electronics8 PassService200
8 Telecom Test TechnicianNL/M/L2/C0535000500L1-L2NIELITTelecom ElectronicsDiploma(includi ng final year candidate) a) ITI - Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation, b) Diploma – Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation c) Vocational Education Training (Final year candidate pursuing in ITI/Diploma)Manfacturing200
9 Telecom Installation and repair workerNL/S/L2/C0565000500L1-L2NIELITPassive Infra8 PassService200
10 Certificate Course in Electronic Product TestingNL/S/L3/C002100001000L3NIELITElectronic Product Design10th / 12th Pass With Science BackgroundService360
11 Repair & Maintenance of Power Supply, Inverter & UPSNL/S/L3/C003100001000L3NIELITIndustrial Electronics10th Pass/ITIService350
12 Repair & Maintenance of Dental equipmentNL/S/L3/C004100001000L3NIELITMedical Electronics10th PassService350
13 Repair & Maintenance of Imaging Equipment (X-Ray & Ultrasound machine)NL/S/L3/C005100001000L3NIELITMedical Electronics10th PassService350
14 Repair & Maintenance of ECG and ICCU EquipmentNL/S/L3/C006100001000L3NIELITMedical Electronics10th PassService350
15 Field Technician- Air conditionerNL/S/L3/C028100001000L3NIELITConsumer Electronics10th PassService350
16 Installation Technician - Computing and PeripheralsNL/S/L3/C029100001000L3NIELITIT Hardware10th PassService350
17 Through Hole Assembly OperatorNL/M/L3/C037100001000L3NIELITPCB Assembly10th + ITI or 12th passManfacturing350
18 Circuit Imaging OperatorNL/M/L3/C038100001000L3NIELITPCB Assembly10 PassManfacturing350
19 CCTV Installation technicianNL/S/L3/C039100001000L3NIELITIT Hardware10 PassService350
20 Access Controls Installation TechnicianNL/S/L3/C040100001000L3NIELITIT Hardware10 PassService350
21 Optical Fiber SplicerNL/S/L3/C046100001000L3NIELITTelecom10 PassService350
22 Board Bring Up EngineerNL/M/L3/C054100001000L3NIELITTelecom Electronics10th,Undergoin g ITI, Electronic/ Electrical/ Mechanical(incl uding final year candidates)Manfacturing350
23 Telecom Industry Network Security TechnicianNL/S/L3/C057100001000L3NIELITTelecom Industry EngineerITI/ DiplomaService350
24 Telecom RiggerNL/S/L3/C074100001000L3NIELITPassive Infra10 PassService310
25 Field Technician Water PurifierNL/S/L3/C080100001000L3NIELITConsumer Electronics10 PassService350
26 Diploma in Installation & Repair of Consumer Electronics ProductsNL/S/L4/C007120001500L4NIELITConsumer ElectronicsITI or 12th PassService350
27 Automation Technology-Basic LevelNL/M/L4/C012120001500L4NIELITIndustrial AutomationDiploma in /Electronics/Inst rumentation/ Mechanical/ Electrical – for Technical students. Non Technical Students: 12th pass with science background and affinity towardsManfacturing350
28 Certificate in Robotic Programming & MaintenanceNL/M/L4/C013120001500L4NIELITIndustrial Automation12th passManfacturing350
29 Telecom Technician- PC Hardware and NetworkingNL/S/L4/C014120001500L4NIELITOffice Automation, IT & networking10th with strong Aptitude in Science / 12th PassService350
30 Computer Aided Product DesignNL/M/L4/C015120001500L4NIELITElectronic Product DesignPolytechnic Diploma/ Graduation/ ITI/12th/ 10thManfacturing360
31 CHM- O LevelNL/S/L4/C020120001500L4NIELITOffice Automation IT networking12th Pass/ ITI/ Diploma/ Graduation or MoreService400
32 Installation, Repair and Maintenance of Home AppliancesNL/S/L4/C021120001500L4NIELITConsumer Electronics10th + ITI, 12th Pass, Non-Science GraduatesService350
33 Solar-LED Lighting Products (Design and Manufacturing)NL/M/L4/C022120001500L4NIELITSolar Electronics10th + ITI, 12th PassManfacturing350
34 Field Engineer - RACW (Refrigerator, AC & Washing Machine)NL/S/L4/C030120001500L4NIELITConsumer Electronics12 Pass/ITIService350
35 Field Technician Computing and PeripheralsNL/S/L4/C031120001500L4NIELITIT Hardware12 PassService350
36 Solar Panel Installation TechnicianNL/S/L4/C032120001500L4NIELITSolar Electronics12 PassService350
37 Pick and Place Assembly OperatorNL/S/L4/C033120001500L4NIELITPCB Assembly12 PassService350
38 LED Mechanical Assembly OperatorNL/M/L4/C041120001500L4NIELITLED Lighting10th + ITI, 12th Pass, Other non- Science graduatesManfacturing350
39 Assembly Operator- RAC(Refrigerator, AC)NL/M/L4/C042120001500L4NIELITConsumer Electronics10th + ITI or 12th passManfacturing350
40 Certificate Course in LED Light Mechanical AssemblyNL/M/L4/C043120001500L4NIELITLED & Photovoltaic12 PassManfacturing350
41 Security System InstallerNL/S/L4/C044120001500L4NIELITElectronic SecurityITI/ DiplomaService350
42 Tech SupportNL/S/L4/C045120001500L4NIELITSolar ElectronicsITI/ Diploma/GraduatesService350
43 Tower TechnicianNL/S/L4/C047120001500L4NIELITTelecom10+2 and/or ITI Diploma in Electrical/ Mechanical including final year candidatesService350
44 Handset repair Engineer (Level II)NL/S/L4/C048120001500L4NIELITTelecom10+2 / ITI(including final year candidates)Service350
45 Broadband TechnicianNL/S/L4/C049120001500L4NIELITTelecom10+2Service350
46 Optical Fiber TechnicianNL/S/L4/C050120001500L4NIELITTelecom10+2Service350
47 Telecom Embedded Hardware DeveloperNL/M/L4/C055120001500L4NIELITTelecom ElectronicsDiploma (including final year candidate)Manfacturing350
48 Electrical testing of telecom assembliesNL/M/L4/C058120001500L4NIELITTelecom ManufacturingITI / Diploma (electronics) or Bsc.(Electronics)Manfacturing350
49 Grass Root telecom ProviderNL/S/L4/C059120001500L4NIELITNetwork Management10th + ITI, 12th passService350
50 IPC(Institute of Printed Circuits) acceptability criteria of Telecom PCB(Printed Circuit Board) asseNL/M/L4/C060120001500L4NIELITTelecom ManufacturingITI / Diploma (electronics) or Bsc.(Electronics)Manfacturing350
51 SMT(Surface Mount Technology) process for telecom boardsNL/M/L4/C061120001500L4NIELITTelecom ManufacturingITI / Diploma (electronics) or Bsc.(Electronics)Manfacturing350
52 Soldering of telecom board assembliesNL/M/L4/C062120001500L4NIELITTelecom ManufacturingITI / Diploma (electronics) or Bsc.(Electronics)Manfacturing350
53 Telecom tower equipment installer and integratorNL/S/L4/C063120001500L4NIELITPassive Infra10+2/ITIService350
54 Telecom industry network specialistNL/S/L4/C064120001500L4NIELITNetwork Operation MaintITI/ DiplomaService370
55 Tele-health TechnicianNL/S/L4/C065120001500L4NIELITMedical Electronics10th +ITI/Diploma (Electronics, Instrumentation, Biomedical)Service350
56 Telecom Quality TechnicianNL/M/L4/C066120001500L4NIELITTelecom ManufacturingITI / Diploma (Electrical, electronics, Instrumentation)Manfacturing350
57 Electronic Security System TechnicianNL/S/L4/C068120001500L4NIELITIT HardwareITI / 12th PassService350
58 Digital Cable TV TechnicianNL/S/L4/C069120001500L4NIELITCommunications ElectronicsITI / 12th PassService350
59 Line AssemblerNL/M/L4/C070120001500L4NIELITTelecom Manufacturing12 PassManfacturing630
60 Mobile Phone Assembly OperatorNL/M/L4/C071120001500L4NIELITConsumer ElectronicsITI/ 12th PassManfacturing350
61 Mobile Phone hardware Repair TechnicianNL/S/L4/C073120001500L4NIELITConsumer ElectronicsITI/12th PassService350
62 RF Site SurveyorNL/S/L4/C075120001500L4NIELITPassive InfraPreferably 10+2Service330
63 ESM - Electronic Production TechnicianNL/M/L4/C076120001500L4NIELITIndustrial ElectronicsITI /10th / 12 years of schoolingManfacturing360
64 Post Diploma in Repair & Maintenance of Hospital EquipmentNL/S/L5/C008150002000L5NIELITMedical ElectronicsDiploma Holder / B.ScService400
65 Diploma in Repair & Maintenance of Industrial Instrumentation &Automation SystemNL/S/L5/C009150002000L5NIELITIndustrial AutomationITI / Diploma / BScService400
66 Embedded System Design using -Bit MicrocontrollerNL/M/L5/C016150002000L5NIELITEmbedded System VLSIDiplomaManfacturing400
67 Post Diploma in VLSI Design, Tools & TechnologyNL/M/L5/C017150002000L5NIELITEmbedded System VLSIDiploma Holder or BSc. GraduateManfacturing400
68 Automation Technology- Intermediate LevelNL/M/L5/C018150002000L5NIELITIndustrial AutomationDiploma in /Electronics/Inst rumentation/ Mechanical/ Electrical – for Technical students.Manfacturing400
69 Automation Technology-Advanced LevelNL/M/L5/C019150002000L5NIELITIndustrial AutomationDiploma in Electronics/Instru mentation/ Mechanical/Electri cal / Graduates, with science background and affinity towards technical studiesManfacturing520
70 CHM-A LevelNL/S/L5/C023150002000L5NIELITOffice Automation IT networkingDiplomaAWT470
71 Additive Manufacturing Three-D PrintingNL/M/L5/C024150002000L5NIELITDigital FabricationDiploma Holder or B Sc Graduate and not less than 18 Years of ageManfacturing400
72 Three-D Scanning and CNC routingNL/M/L5/C025150002000L5NIELITDigital FabricationDiploma Holder or B Sc Graduate and not less than 18 Years of ageManfacturing400
73 Field Technician Networking and StorageNL/S/L5/C034150002000L5NIELITIT HardwareDiplomaService400
74 Installation Engineer SDH(Synchronous digital hierarchy) & DWDM(Dense wavelength Division MultiplexiNL/S/L5/C051150002000L5NIELITTelecomDiploma(includi ng final year candidate)Service400
75 Installation Engineer Networking Layer two & Layer threeNL/S/L5/C052150002000L5NIELITTelecomDiploma(includi ng final year candidate)Service400
76 Line Repair TechnicianNL/M/L5/C067150002000L5NIELITTelecom Manufacturing12th Pass + Certified in Line Assembler L4 course.Manfacturing630
77 Mobile Phone quality InspectorNL/M/L5/C072150002000L5NIELITConsumer ElectronicsDiploma / Other GraduatesManfacturing400
78 ESM- Electronic Product SupervisorNL/M/L5/C077150002000L5NIELITIndustrial ElectronicsDiploma in Electronics/Elec trical/Mechanic al EngineeringManfacturing442
79 ESD- Electronics Product Design Support EngineerNL/M/L5/C078150002000L5NIELITIndustrial ElectronicsDiploma in Electronics/BSc. Electronics/Dipl oma in Electrical OR Diploma in Mechanical/Ind ustrial with knowledge on basics of Electronics having interest in Electronic Product design.Manfacturing432
80 Robotics Technology & EntrepreneurshipNL/M/L5/C079150002000L5NIELITIndustrial AutomationDiploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering(EEE); Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE); Instrumentation Engineering; Mechatronics Engineering; B.Sc in Electronics, Computer Science, Maths, Physics, Applied ChemistryManfacturing400



The beauty of IT lies in its accessibility and affordability of engineering and computer training courses with maximum job potential is a major issue. Coastal ProSoft believes in nurturing aptitude into a well-versed skill, regardless of budget constrains; hence our dedicated Rural-IT programs. With our robust infrastructure and a strong core academia even in rural India, we believe if there are curious minds, regardless of where they are, they must be empowered. Our alliances and partnerships with engineering flagships such as Electronic Corporation of India Ltd. (ECIL) and Indo German Institute of Advanced Technology (IGIAT) go beyond conventional offering of computer training courses: it is a dedicated effort to alleviate poverty and social upliftment. Our academic centers are making job oriented computer training courses available even in the remotest geographies.

Our organization seeks to empower students from disadvantaged groups with job-oriented courses in IT, engineering, design and manufacturing, at highly subsidized rates. Students are taught not just to become savvy problem solvers but conscientious thought leaders of the new era. Our unique competency based training system encourages students to test and apply their learning while ensuring maximum participation for a well-rounded development. Taking advantage of our cross-disciplinary competence, our students are guided throughout their engineering training courses by erudite and committed mentors. Exposure to the latest equipment and machinery inside our 40,000 sq. ft. IGIAT training center ensures our students stay ahead of the learning curve and transform into highly desirable human resources of tomorrow. .

1  Post Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering (PGDSE) 2.5 Years
2  Post Graduate diploma in Computer Software Technology ( PGDCST) 2 Years
3  Advanced Diploma in Computer Technology(ADST) 9 Months
4  Post Graduate diploma in Computer Application(PGDCA) 1 Year
5  Post Graduate diploma in Information Technology(PGDIT) 1 Year
6  Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications (ADCA) 1 Year
7  Computer Teacher's Training Course (CTTC) 1 Year
8  Advanced Diploma in Information Technology (ADIT) 1 Year
9  Advanced Diploma in Web & Information Technology 1 Year
10  Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application 1 Year
11  Diploma in Computer Application (DCA) 6 Months
12  Diploma in Software Technology (DCST) 6 Months
13  Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) 3 Months
1  Certificate Course in Java Programming 2 Months
2  Certificate Course in J2EE 2 Months
3  Certificate Course in VB.Net 2 Months
4  Certificate Course in ASP.Net 1 Month
5  Programming in .Net ( VB.Net, Asp.Net,& C#.Net) 3 Months
6  Certificate Course in Advaced Java Programming (Core & J2EE) 3 Months
7  Certificate Course in Oracle 9i 2 Months
8  Certificate Course in Webpage Design & Internet 2 Months
9  Certificate Course in Visual Basic 1 Month
10  Certificate Course in Visual C++ 2 Months
11  Certificate Course in Visual FoxPro 2 Months
12  Certificate Course in C & C++ Programming 2 Months
13  Certificate Course in C Programming 1 Month
14  Certificate Course in Oops With C++ 1 Month
15  Certificate Course in Unix 1 Month
16  Certificate Course in Linux 1 Month
17  Certificate Course in ASP 1 Month
18  Certificate Course in C# 1 Month
19  Programming in Oracle 6 Weeks
20  Programming in VB 6 Weeks
1  Certificates in Computer Application (CCA) 3 Months
2  Certificates Course in MS Offices (CCMS) 2 Months
3  Certificates in Data Entry Operations (CDEO) 2 Months
4  Computer Appreciation Course (CAC) 1 Month
5  Certificates Course in Internet 10 Days
1  Diploma in Computer Hardware Maintenances (DCHM) 4 Months
2  Diploma in Computer Hardware  & Networking (DPCHN) 9 Months
3  Advanced Diploma in Computer Hardware Maintenances (ADCHMN) 1 Year
4  Advanced Diploma in Laptop Maintenance & Wi-Fi Networking (ADLMWN) 1 Year
5  Diploma in Laptop Maintenance & Wi-Fi Networking (DLMWN) 6 Months
6  Diploma in Networking Technology (DNT) 4 Months
7  Computer Repair & Maintenances (CRM) 1 Month
8  Certificates Course in Networking Technology (CCNT) 6 Weeks
9  Computer Hardware Maintenance & Networking (CHMN) 3 Months
10  Diploma in Chip Level Technology (DCLT) 6 Months
11  Certificate Course in Windows NT 2 Months